Woman’s Guild

In Service to GOD


To be an inclusive Christian women organization that empowers women to transform the society.

To holistically empower Christian women by enabling them to effectively transform the society through worship, fellowship,, networking, partnerships, advocacy, communication, mobilization of resources, research and training based on Christians values.

Our theme this year comes from the book of Deuterenomy 8:11 and is telling us not to forget the Lord our God.

Fellowship, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Partnership, Accountability

1st- 7TH June YEAR 2020

Receive greetings in Jesus name. Another time has come for us to observe guild week. This year’s guild week is quite different from the previous years because of the COVID-19 Pandemic . However we remain focused and confident because God has assured us success in Romans 8:28……

1. To enhance the spiritual maturity of women and girls in Christ
2. To empower women and girls and to prepare them to effectively play their roles in the family, church and society.
3. To develop leadership qualities and skills for women as well as mentoring girls in leadership
4. To build and develop women and girls capacity through, skills enhancement to enable them to transform the society

Our plans is to holistically mold women and girls for the betterment of our families, church , country and the entire world. We have learnt in our bibles of women like Hannah, Sarah, Shipra and Puah, Ruth, Esther, Mary and many others who impacted their society positively. These are very good example to us today.

With this in mind we have plans of organizing for women seminars, girl and boy mentorship programmes, talks to women, couples, youths, teens, etc as it has been in the previous years.

1) In our parish we have a membership of 152 full members, 29commissioned members with no badges and 56 followers and we are thanking God. Together we are 237 but we have lost one this who went to be with the Lord. Therefore the number remains at 236. Our prayer is that we remain focused and run the race with perseverance Heb 12:1.

2) We have managed 3 monthly fellowships this year.

3) We managed to hold the world day of prayer at congregation level in our parish

4) God has also enabled us despite the pandemic to do acts of mercy at parish level, regional level and even outside our parish.

– Budgetary Constrain
– Covid-19 Pandemic which has led to the closure of the church.
– Technological issues that have made some of us to hold online meetings as required among others

We are very grateful to our God Almighty for the much He has enabled us to do and mostly in the year 2019 and it’s our prayer that our God will bring the COVID-19 pandemic to a stop so that we are able to work freely this year.

May we forget NOT the Lord our God.

God bless you.

Yours in the Lords Vineyard,

Naomi Matiru
Chairlady Woman’s Guild.

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